Intuitive Soul Oracle Cards

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ISBN : 9782894365632

Code Prologue : A038396

What if you were holding all the answers to your life's questions and were able, through connexion with your own soul, to access this valuable knowledge that could help you make the right decisions each day?

Created by the well-known medium Lisa Williams and illustrated by talented artist Marie-Chantal Martineau, the Intuitive Soul Oracle deck of cards was specifically designed to help you open up your intuition and develop your psychic senses. These 44 beautiful and inspirational cards will nurture your innate psychic skills so that you can conduct powerful readings for yourself or others. 

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Titre : Intuitive Soul Oracle Cards
Éditeur :
DAUPHIN BLANC - livre canadien
Auteur : Williams, Lisa
Collection : Inspiration
Langue : Anglais
Type : Livre souple - Jeu de cartes
Statut : Disponible
Nombre de pages : 107
Date de publication : 2014/10/14
ISBN : 9782894365632
Code Prologue : A038396
Code à barres : 9782894365632
Prix papier : 19,95 $