Emo-g super emoji to the rescue

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Code Prologue : A086281

It was pure chaos at the Dolloragaga store, because the very latest iPod had jus been released. Zachary, the lucky kid, was able to get his hands on one of the precious eletronic devices. However, he also puched the yellow button on the side of the iPod... Something he really shoudn't have done! That's when the Pupu emoji popped out of the device and appeared right in front of him! 

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Titre : Emo-g super emoji to the rescue
Éditeur :
Andara - livre canadien
Auteur : Petit, Richard
Collection : Mon mini Big à moi
Catégorie : Livres Jeunesse
Langue : Anglais
Type : Souple
Statut : Disponible
Nombre de pages : 384
Date de publication : 2019/09/24
ISBN : 9782897462437
Code Prologue : A086281
Code à barres : 9782897462437
Prix papier : 12,99 $