The Hope of Youth

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The Hope of Youth is the sixth volume of interviews given by Yvonne Trubert to Livre d'Invitation à la Vie. Through themes such as Communication, Youth, Terrestrial Roots, Celestial Origins and Intelligence, Yvonne Trubert invites us to follow a path of inner transformation. By inviting us to encounter ourselves and others, Yvonne incites us to conversion, that is, to a change in state of mind, so that love and joy become the outward signs of our faith. Through her example, she creates a bridge between generations. 

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Par : Anton, Bernard

Titre : The Hope of Youth
Éditeur :
Harmattan - livre européen
Auteur : Trubert, Yvonne
Collection : Hors-collection
Catégorie : Religion
Langue : Français
Type : Souple
Statut : Manquant temporairement
Nombre de pages : 136
Date de publication : 2020/01/15
ISBN : 9782343194431
Code Prologue : A094818
Code à barres : 9782343194431
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