Crossing Paths - Crossing Perspectives - Urban Studies in British Columbia and Quebec

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ISBN : 9782766300822

Code Prologue : K0082

This collection of urban studies research and interpretation crosses the country from Quebec to B.C., comparing trends and perspectives over the past decade and across and beyond disciplines. Core questions of research, policy and practice facing Montreal and Vancouver—those featuring housing and transportation, in particular—are featured in terms of new and innovative directions. Emerging questions—about urban indigeneity, food systems, climate action—are broached in challenging ways. The twenty authors whose original work is compiled here demonstrate the scope for continued, critical, comparative conversation across francophone and anglophone divides. The book offers a significant resource for understanding the intersecting field and practice of urban studies in Quebec and in B.C. and for spurring its further evolution.. A French version of this book is also available..

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Titre : Crossing Paths - Crossing Perspectives - Urban Studies in British Columbia and Quebec
Éditeur :
PUL - livre canadien
Auteurs : Breux, Sandra -  Holden, Meg - 
Collection : Etudes urbaines
Catégorie : Architecture - Design
Langue : Français
Type : Broché
Statut : À paraître
Nombre de pages : 250
Date de publication : 2023/05/03
ISBN : 9782766300822
Code Prologue : K0082
Code à barres : 9782766300822
Prix papier : 35,00 $