Operation Al-Aqsa flood - The defeat of the vanquisher

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Operation Al-Aqsa Flood . The defeat of the vanquisher . Why did Operation Al-Aqsa Flood take place, and what were Hamas's objectives ? What really happened on the ground on October 7th ? What lessons can we learn from the operations carried out by both sides ?. To answer these three questions and many others, Jacques Baud revisits the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from its very beginnings. Why has it still not found a solution ? What strategies have Israelis and Palestinians adopted over the past 75 years ? What is the impact of this conflict on our security ? What are the options for Israel and Palestine in the coming years ?. In this book of rare clairvoyance, Jacques Baud deplores the fact that Western decisions are colliding with international law. The question is not who we are for, but how the international order created after 1945 should be applied. Israel's failure to respect this law is provoking its downfall. As with any conflict, the solution will not come from emotion, but from objective, dispassionate analysis and honest mediation..

Titre : Operation Al-Aqsa flood - The defeat of the vanquisher
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Max Milo - livre européen
Auteur : Baud, Jacques
Collection : Hors-collection
Catégorie : Histoire
Langue : Anglais
Type : Souple
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Nombre de pages : 256
Date de publication : 2024/03/13
ISBN : 9782315019861
Code Prologue : A135695
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